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262 New Medical Colleges Constructed under Modi Government's Leadership, Affirms Pradhan

Impact of the Narendra Modi government as Union Minister of Education Dharmendra Pradhan reveals the construction of 262 new medical colleges.
262 New Medical Colleges Constructed under Modi Government's Leadership, Affirms Pradhan

In an important step in the realm of medical education, Union Minister of Education Dharmendra Pradhan said that the Narendra Modi government constructed 262 new medical colleges after taking office in 2014.

Prior to 2014, the country had 380 medical schools. However, thanks to the government's concerted efforts, 262 new medical colleges have been created, giving chances for aspiring medical professionals and addressing the healthcare institution shortfall.

Pradhan emphasized the government's commitment to the education and healthcare sectors, in addition to the development of new medical colleges.

He stated that the Modi government has sanctioned 692 Eklavya schools in tribal and backward parts of the country, enabling impoverished communities access to quality education.

The minister also highlighted the government's priority on improving healthcare infrastructure.

Pradhan applauded Indian manufacturers for their quick response during the Covid-19 outbreak, noting that they not only began making personal protective equipment (PPE) kits but also began exporting them to other countries.

Pradhan discussed the creation of All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) throughout the country. During the Gandhi family's reign, only one AIIMS was developed; however, the Vajpayee-led NDA administration erected six AIIMS.


Pradhan emphasized the creation and implementation of the national education strategy after a 34-year gap, recognizing India's rich cultural legacy and knowledge-based society.

The Modi administration's efforts to reform the education sector resulted in the implementation of a progressive education strategy in 2020, which will provide students with a holistic and inclusive education.

Virendra Sachdeva, head of the Delhi BJP, stressed that India's growth under Prime Minister Modi's leadership has received global attention.

India has established itself as a rising force due to extraordinary successes in a variety of industries, including education and healthcare.

The government's commitment to delivering high-quality education and healthcare to its population has laid a solid basis for India's future growth and development.

The Modi government's commitment to providing quality healthcare services has resulted in the establishment of 15 new AIIMS during the previous nine years, he added, ensuring enhanced healthcare access for all Indians.

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